Our Technology

At Richburns we believe that the use of technology is the key to the success of our business. Over the years we have designed and developed unique in house debt management systems for our office based staff as well as highly reliable and innovative handhelds for our field staff.

Core Principles

Built in House

All of our systems are developed in house by industry experienced IT developers.


All of our systems are developed using the latest security implementations available.


All of our systems are constantly updated to the ever changing specifications of our clients.


All of our systems are developed to allow us to implement dedicated areas for each client.

Utility Manager

  • Dedicated areas for each client.
  • Fully customisable screens.
  • Data cleansing and unique result validation.
  • Automatic distribution of work to representatives handhelds.
  • Comprehensive court and warrant allocation system.
  • Automated suggestion of best suited locksmith.
  • Automated allocation of representative for PDV, court and warrant execution.
  • Automated printing of all letters and relevant paperwork.
  • Representatives diary system to ensure high efficiency.
  • Built in key performance indicator reports.

Utility Manager Lite

  • Overview of upcoming work to enhance planning and time efficiency.
  • Overview of outstanding work
  • Data validation requirements dependent on client, work stream and result.
  • Doorstep Audio Recording.
  • Built in photograph capture facility.
  • Ability to accept doorstep payments.
  • Secure and encrypted transfer of data.
  • Ability to view a breakdown of performance on a month by month basis.
  • Individual account and overall allocated work breakdown of SLA.
  • Secure two-factor authentication.

Telephony Systems

  • Outbound "Progressive" dialler (operator only making one call at a time).
  • Both inbound and outbound call recording.
  • PCI DSS compliant call recording.
  • Secure encrypted storage of call recording.
  • Efficient inbound call distribution system.
  • Client specific wallboards, showing live call statistics.
  • SMS Facility.

Customer Portal

A nice description
  • Our customer portal allows customers to easily manage their accounts.
  • Our customer portal allows customers to make a payment.
  • Our customer portal allows customers to request appointments.
  • Our customer portal allows customers to arrange a callback.