Who We Are

Richburns are the industry leaders in both debt recovery and metering services for the utility industry. We are the only debt management company that specialises solely in the utility market and we have worked with all the leading companies in the industry. Our vast experience across all aspects of the gas and electricity market combined with our use of cutting edge technology and modern processes makes us second to none within the industry.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services.

Debt Collection

We provide a fully comprehensive service using proven collection techniques. We undertake pre-disconnection visits and warrant executions on behalf of the leading companies in the utilities market place.

Metering Services

We are a leading expert in the field of metering, having worked with and offered advice on metering issues such as; tracing supplies, vacant properties and gas safety inspections.

Revenue Protection

We have specially trained representatives, to handle all types of reported and suspected cases of theft of gas or abstraction of electricity, for both residential and commercial sites.

Industrial and Commercial

We have been involved in the removal of industrial and commercial plant, both adversarial and non-adversarial since 1999. We have assisted most of the big six utility companies in the removal of industrial and commercial meters.

Occupier Accounts

We were one of the first debt management companies to assist the major utility companies with their occupier collections process. We have since gone from strength to strength and collected over £7 million of occupier debt.

Vulnerable Customers

We pride ourselves on how we look after our clients customers, especially those with vulnerabilities. We have been involved in a number of vulnerable customer projects ensuring both the client and the customer receive the best outcome for managing their debt.

Our Technology
Integrating Technology to Streamline our Processes

Utility Manager

Our Bespoke Internal CRM Application

Utility Manager is a bespoke system developed in-house, designed to allow our staff to manage our clients accounts effectively. Automation plays a large role across the system, allowing our staff more time to focus on the finer details of each account we receive. Each client has a tailor made module designed and developed to cater to their exact needs and requirements.

A key feature of Utility Manager is our unique Warrant Planning and Management system which allows our staff to effectively and efficiently plan both court appointments and warrant executions days by auto allocating all the required workforce such as engineers, locksmiths and dog handlers etc.

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Utility Manager Lite

Our Innovative Handheld CRM Application

The newest addition to our systems is our new handheld CRM, Utility Manager Lite, which is tightly integrated with our internal CRM, Utility Manager. It has been custom built to meet and exceed our clients' requirements and ensure our field representatives have all the tools available to them to provide a first class service.

A key feature of Utility Manager Lite is its ability to work offline and automatically sync when a connection becomes available. Updating on the doorstep provides our clients with a real time status of each account. Additional features such as voice recording, photographs and secure online payments ensure our handheld is at the leading edge of technology in our field.

Telephony System

Our Intelligent and Transparent Telephony Systems

We understand that successful interaction with our clients customer base is vital to our success so we have recently invested in a cutting edge telephony system to ensure we engage in effective, efficient and transparent communication across a variety of platforms.

Key features include automatic recording of every call which are then stored using secure encryption and being fully PCI DSS compliant. With access to live telephony statistics in our call centre, we boast minimal queue times and call loses which in turn ensures our clients customers queries and resolutions are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

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Customer Portal

Our Dynamic Portal for Customers

Our customer web portal has been designed to allow our clients customers a quick and easy way of managing their accounts and making payments towards their outstanding balance in a fully secure environment.

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Our Clients

  • We have always found Richburns to be an extremely responsive company who constantly delivers performance and who are prepared to change and improve processes in order to deliver a better service to us.

  • Richburns have been our top performing company over the past three years and collection success has grown throughout this period which in turn has resulted in increased volumes of work being passed to them.

  • Richburns employ highly trained and extremely capable personnel who continually liaise with us, always looking at ways to improve and maximise collections.

  • Richburns share our beliefs on increasing the use of technology employed in the field to improve various aspects of the work flow and optimising the processes where possible.

Latest News

21 Oct

New Richburns Website Launched

We are pleased to announce the release of our new website. The update of our website has been in the pipeline for quite some time and after much deliberation and planning it is now live. We already have both client and customer portals under development. The client portal will allow all our clients to have complete transparency over our performance whi...

1 Sep

Richburns Announces Handheld Terminal Upgrade

We have recently decided that it is time for our handheld terminals to receive an upgrade. Our current handhelds have been with us for over 5 years and have served us well. The new handheld terminals will be at the leading edge of current hardware and software in the market. They have been designed to include features such as; doorstep voice recording,...

1 Jun

Richburns Introduces Utility Manager

We have heavily invested in new technology over the last 12 months and have deployed our new custom built CRM system 'Utility Manager' This system boasts key features such as automation, unique result validation and a comprehensive court and warrant planning system. With constant development of this system we are ensuring that it is at the forefront of...