Our Story

Richburns was founded in 1999 by the late George Ritchie who identified a niche in the market for a highly professional debt collecting agency that could specialise solely in the ever-growing utility market. George had previously worked for British Gas for over 30 years and brought with him a wealth of experience having worked his way up the ranks from a meter reader to senior operational manager responsible for 280 staff. On leaving British Gas, George used his billing and debt knowledge as Group Billing Manager for Telewest before setting up on his own.

His expertise and experience, alongside the highly experienced team he brought in, formed the basis of the company’s ethos of offering more than just a debt management solution but working in partnership with clients to offer strategic advice and innovative debt collecting and metering programs.

The company now includes over 60 central staff and over 130 representatives in the field, all committed to providing a tailored debt collecting service using traditional and modern techniques, based on years of industry experience specifically for the electrical and gas market.

Our company philosophy is built around our experience and expertise solely in the utility industry. We pride ourselves on our reputation for working with integrity and transparency and going the extra mile to ensure a strong and happy working relationship with our clients. This translates into the way we run our business and work together as a team – a happy working place is a productive one and we value each and every member of our workforce. Our mission and core values are at the heart of everything we do.

Our History

1999 Richburns Founded 1999 Moved to our first office, 10 staff!
First major contract won!
2000 All new CRM - DebtCollect Launched 2010 Handheld terminals launched 2016 Utility Manager and Corporate Website launched 2018 Utility Manager Lite and Customer Portal launched

Mission Statement

  • Our aim is always to establish partnership and integration working hand in hand to build a strong business relationship with our client.
  • We only accept a new client where we can produce a high level of service without affecting the service that we already offer to other clients.
  • We will only operate within the current work legislation and abide by the Industrial Codes of Practice.
  • Our transparent way of working ensures that clients are part of the process from start to finish.
  • We are continually updating with changes to the industry and keep clients informed of any changes to the above.

Core Values

  • We equally value our staff as well as our clients and their health and safety at work is of paramount importance.
  • Our management policies reflect our care for our people and our determination to comply with best practice.
  • We shall communicate openly with our people and encourage personal development and continual self-improvement.
  • Supplying regular training to enable staff to achieve the highest standards of service in their roles resulting in customer satisfaction.
  • We provide an optimal working environment for all; we regularly enjoy team building exercises which ensures strong working relationships.

Field Force

We have over 130 field representatives across the UK working on delivering great results to our clients.

Our representatives receive the latest industry training across the full spectrum of debt recovery and metering services throughout their careers.

Our representatives are continually audited and monitored to ensure our high standards are maintained across the country.

Our representatives combine both traditional recovery techniques with our modern systems to ensure both a high success rate and optimal efficiency of our workload.

Our representatives will often go above and beyond to ensure that the customer is able to resolve their issue and outstanding bills are paid where possible.

Consideration is always given to those customers that are vulnerable and recommendations are made to our clients in these circumstances, on potential solutions to the situation.

We utilize a team of area managers across the UK who oversee our representatives day-to-day operations and provide assistance and guidance where required.

Service Excellence

At Richburns, we strive to give excellence in service to both our clients and their customers, across all areas of their business. We understand that we play a vital role as representatives for our clients when dealing with their customers. Ensuring they remain happy and informed of timings, progress and options means that we find the best solution for both parties effectively and efficiently.

We are able to provide this high standard of service because we employ a highly experienced team of senior managers and supervisors who are supported by teams of well trained and committed account managers. Each of our clients are provided with a dedicated team to deal with the day to day running of the workload and to assist with any queries that may arise. Our staff are offered continuous training across all aspects of their job roles to promote constant improvement and development.

For Our Clients

To do this we believe in working in partnership with our clients offering proven techniques for reducing debt portfolios based on many years experience within the industry; whilst striving to find new and innovative processes to improve performance.

We believe in...

  • Creating a tailor made service for each of our clients.
  • Working closely and transparently with all of our clients.
  • Being efficient and effective across our workstreams.
  • Finding innovative and sustainable solutions to industry problems.

For Your Customers

We believe in keeping customers feeling informed and in control of their debt and meter issues, allowing a solution to be carried out at the earliest opportunity. We also strive to make the process as pain free as possible.

We believe in...

  • Leaving a customer informed and happy with their options.
  • Ensuring the customer receives all the relevant information.
  • Treating customers with respect and courtesy.
  • Doing our upmost to ensure sustainable arrangements are made.